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Why a podcast?

1. Freedom

Podcast is probably my favorite way to consume content and now I want to create my own. It gives you freedom in what you are doing and unites several types of journalistic work. No matter if it is an interview, a review or preview, an analysis, a talk, a comment, telling a story or whatever. Podcast is open format.

2. Extension of my coverage

I have been a ski jumping journalist for many years now and did lots of different stuff and stores. I have written reports, comments, previews, analysis's and even diaries. Now I want to add other aspects and a different type of coverage: Speaking about the various topics this wonderful sport.

3. Extension of the general coverage and support the sport

The development of ladies' ski jumping has been not only constant, but exponential. Especially the season 18/19 was incredible. But the media coverage does not correlate with that. It is good female ski jumpers raise their voice and criticise that. But I not only want to listen to them and agree with them, I want them to be listened by even more people. I cannot provide any money into the sport, but I can spread the word about it. And here we are.

Interviews (like this one with Maren Lundby) are one of the most fun things to do. Photo: Torsten Woltmann.

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